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Ultra precision manufacturing in Sydney, Australia

From prototypes to contract manufacturing, NH Micro can help your projects achieve their ultra-precision goals.

  • Scientific Instruments

  • Micro-mechanics

  • Photonics and Optics

  • Semi-conductor

  • Medical components

  • High frequency communication​

  • Microfluidics

  • Space Industry

Precision parts are our strength

Our main strength lies in parts and assemblies with:

- High levels of complexity
- High precision requirements (down to and below 0.5um!)
- Very small (micro) features, or part sizes

Or all three!

18-10-03 - Nicholas Hacko Watchmaker Workshop HD-41.JPG

Birthed from Watchmaking

Our ultra-precision facility was birthed from the vertically integrated manufacture of Nicholas Hacko WatchmakerManufacturing watch components with mechanical and aesthetic properties is our heritage.

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