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Example projects


Here are some of the parts we are proud to show off! 

Complex geometry parts

Many of the parts we manufacture require close attention to process parameters to avoid out-of-tolerance conditions. Often parts can require multiple steps with different machines to achieve the desired tolerances.

Combining wire EDM, milling, grinding and turning through an EROWA zero-point system allows us to make many tightly toleranced and geometrically complex parts.

Small turned parts

We can manufacture small cylindrical parts from 0.1mm to 4mm in diameter, in prototype quantities and in volume. Screws, pivots, pins, pincers, and many more!

Stocked materials:

Titanium Grade 5

LAW 100pb (20AP)

Micro Wire EDM

The part pictured here is a square profile eroded into hardened steel (58HRc) plate. The wdith of the square is 0.5mm and the corner reliefs required the use of a 0.05mm wire diameter. 

Accuracy of the profile was kept to within +-0.002mm 

Small hole drilling

Manufacturing parts with small holes can be a challenge. Often handling, cleaning and deburring of parts with small hole features of this size can pose issues- let alone actually drilling the hole!

At NH Micro, we can drill holes down to below 30um, and regularly drill holes ranging from 0.05mm to 0.3mm 

Micro gears

Because of our watchmaking heritage, we specialise in the manufacture of intricate and tightly toleranced gears. Depending on the requirements of the gear, we can mill, hob, wire edm and conventionally cut gears

- Modules from 0.05 to 0.3
- Cycloidal, epicycloidal, involute, NIHS standards

- Prototype series to medium production 

Specialised tooling

In the manufacture of very complex and demanding parts, the right tooling is critical to success.

We are able to use drills below 30um for micro hole drilling applications, and commonly use endmills below 50um for parts requiring extremely small slot widths. We also use threadmills down to S0.3 (M0.3).

We also frequently use MCD, PCD, CBN and Ceramic tooling.

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