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Our specialty is chasing the micron

Our workshop

5 Axis micro milling

With our Kern Micro HD and Pyramid Nano 5 axis milling machines, flatness, perpendicularity, circularity and parallelism tolerances of less than 1um are possible. Many parts don't need this accuracy, but the process reliability gained by using such an accurate machining platform can be a massive benefit for parts toleranced in the +- 5um to +-20um range.

Wire EDM

Our Makino U32j is unique in that we can process parts using wire diameters down to 50um. This means we can achieve feature sizes under 100um, and internal corner radii in the 30um range. Form accuracies of +-2um can be achieved.

Sliding head machining

We utilise our Citizen R04 to manufacture small parts from barstock. Our maximum part size is 4mm in diameter and up to 30mm in length. We routinely make parts that are below 1mm in diameter and length. 

Tool room machines

Our Schaublin 102, Seedtec surface grinder and manual milling machines allow us to process low volumes of simple, prototype parts. We can also develop jigs, fixtures, and assembly aids for a wide range of sectors in our toolroom.


- Keyence IM System

- Mahr LVDT Gauging systems

- Class 0 standards on site.

- 50x Mitutoyo PJ-3000H Profile projector
- ID Bore micrometers, and gauge pins 

- Assortment of bench micrometers for low force comparative gauging.


We work with a large variety of materials and have in-house heat treating facilities for hardening/quenching, tempering and annealing. Understanding how the materials react during the machining process is key to being able to reach the last micron.

- Tool steels

- Stainless steels

- Titanium

- Aluminium alloys

- Engineering plastics (PEEK, Delrin, Teflon etc.)

- Engineering ceramics, tungsten carbide

- Tungsten

- Brass

- Copper 

- Nitinol

- Invar

- Macor


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